Jonathan Keeling

Jonathan Keeling
University of St Andrews

School of Physics and Astronomy
+44 1334 463121

Jonathan Keeling is a Reader in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics in the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance at the University of St Andrews. He has worked extensively on exciton–polariton condensation, and on many-body physics with light. His current research covers the theory of strong and weak matter light coupling for a range of different material systems. In particular, how light can change material properties, and how hybrid matter-light quasiparticles can be engineered to have desirable properties. This includes the study of organic molecules in strong and weak coupling (and interplay of strong coupling with vibrational excitations), ultracold atoms in multimode optical cavities, and the study of non-equilibrium phase transition in coupled cavity arrays.

Ongoing Stanford collaboration with Prof. Benjamin Lev on multimode cavity QED as a platform for exploring neuromorphic optical computing, quantum simulation, and criticality in open quantum systems. Previous collaboration with Prof. Yoshisha Yamamoto on polariton lasing and condensation.

Energy and Environment

By designing structures with strong coupling between light and matter, one can alter material properties, to enhance energy or charge transport, and potentially alter chemical reaction rates. We are exploring the basic science underpinning this capability, which will provide new ways to enhance the efficiency of solar cells, light emitting materials, and potentially novel photocatalysis.

Communications and IT

In collaboration with experiments at Stanford, we are exploring alternate paradigms for quantum enhanced computing and simulation, making use of driven-dissipative quantum systems.