Lasers are increasingly used in a wide range of manufacturing applications, driven by their ability to remotely deliver energy that can be highly concentrated in both space and time. By designing the laser parameters correctly, a wide range of different processes can be engineered, including welding, machining, surface texturing, and 3D printing (additive manufacturing). Both continuous and pulsed laser systems are used, dependent on the process requirements (e.g. continuous lasers are often used for welding, whilst micro-machining of glass typically requires ultra-short (picosecond, femtosecond) pulses. Within SU2P we have expertise in the development of the industrial lasers used in manufacturing processes; in the understanding of laser-material interactions and development of novel processes such as glass-metal welding; and in the monitoring and control of processes. A particular growth area in recent years has been 3D printing of metals, and here we are in particular working to provide improved process understanding and control; also laser post-processing of 3D printed parts to improve surface finish and material properties.