SU2P Research Fellowships with Entrepreneurship

Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Fellowships in photonics at Stanford University, USA

According to BIS 'A recent study found that ...UK researchers who spent at least two years abroad and returned were 66% more productive than the average.'

The original RCUK funding for SU2P Entrepreneurial Fellowships has now been fully committed and we are not currently accepting applications. However, SU2P continues to seek external funding for the fellowship scheme and enable SU2P to support the development of early career researchers and provide them with international experience with our US partner Stanford.

There are a number of other fellowships schemes that permit and encourage international experience including Scottish Enterprise, Marie Curie, RSE and the Research Councils.

If you would like to gain international experience with Stanford and are considering applying for one of these fellowships, please get in touch with us at and we will support you in making your application. If you are successful with your application we will invite you to become an SU2P Entrepreneurial Fellow and derive the benefits of the support that we are able to provide (applicants should NOT contact Stanford University directly at this time. Details of the research themes of the working groups of SPRC can be found at

SU2P is a collaboration between the Scottish Universities (Glasgow, Heriot Watt, University of Edinburgh, St. Andrews and Strathclyde) and Stanford in California. The SU2P Fellowships are to enable exceptionally talented early career researchers to spend one or more years at Stanford University or one of its affiliated laboratories.

The Fellowships are to enable exceptionally talented early career researchers to spend one year at Stanford University or one of its affiliated laboratories. The aim of the Fellowships is to allow successful applicants to develop and grow their entrepreneurial skills under mentoring provided by Stanford Photonics Research Centre (SPRC). A range of priority research themes has been identified including, but not limited to:

  • Stem cell imaging
  • Solar cell devices and technology
  • Lasers and nonlinear optics
  • Integrated photonics
  • Photonic sensors.

Previous Fellowships


Four new fellows arrive in Stanford between October 2011 and January 2012.

Tobias Lamour

William Whelan-Curtin

Sharon Vetter

Chandra Natarajan


The second two fellows arrived in Stanford in January 2011 and joined continuing fellows Weisheng Lu and Keith Mathieson.


The first three fellows arrived in Stanford, October 2009.

About SU2P

The Universities of Strathclyde, St Andrews, Heriot-Watt, Glasgow and Edinburgh, together with Stanford University, are collaborating with local industry to build enduring relationships which form the basis of a network which helps to sustain the economic impact of photonics in both the UK and California.

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