Dr Bjoern Seitz

Dr Bjoern Seitz
University of Glasgow

Senior Lecturer (Physics and Astronomy)
Telephone: +44 1413305118
Email: Bjoern.Seitz@glasgow.ac.uk

Dr Bjoern Seitz is an academic with the nuclear physics group at the University of Glasgow. His research concentrates on the structure of hadrons using electromagnetic interaction and the development of instrumentation for fundamental research, medicine and the nuclear industry. Dr Seitz’ instrumentation expertise concentrates on the detection of very low levels of visible light with high resolution, high efficiency and precise timing as well as novel scintillator and Cherenkov radiator materials. He and his team specialise in the development and characterisation of a large variety of single photon sensors and are open for new and further collaborations.

Healthcare and Medicine

Dr Bjoern Seitz and his team have a long standing interest in the application of nuclear technology in Healthcare and Medicine, ranging from novel methods in radiotherapy to using advanced detector technology for ionising radiation for medical imaging procedures. The team are currently developing a compact brain PET scanner and gamma-blind radiation sensors for breast cancer surgery. Furthermore, they are developing expertise in low light photon detection for biological systems.

Energy and Environment

The nuclear physics detector development team led by Dr Bjoern Seitz are constructing sensor systems for ionising radiation, which are compact and can be used ‘in the field’. Following from studies performed in Fukushima province, novel detector system for dose apportionment in the environment are being developed. The team also has strong links with the UK Nuclear Decomissioning Authority and Sellafield Ltd. In the development of sensor systems to characterise materials in the decommissioning of nuclear installations.